Whirlpool Duet HT 4.0 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer Review, Model: WFW9400VE

This Whirlpool Duet HT 4.0 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer, Model: WFW9400VE is one of the most advanced washers on the market, and with excellent washing cycles and unique options, this washer will enhance how your clothes are treated. If you want to keep your clothing look like-new for a longer period of time, then you need to purchase a washer that has been outfitted with features that will carefully treat your laundry. This washer is one of my personal favorite, and after reading this review, you'll see why. The average price for this Whirlpool Duet HT Washer is just over $1,000 and it can be purchased at any major appliance retailer.

Product Rating:

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars

Washer Capacity:

With a total capacity of 4.0 cubic feet, this Whirlpool Front Load Washer has the ability to easily wash 16 pairs of jeans without suffering in performance. The capacity of this Whirlpool Washer is ideal for those who have plenty of laundry to do on a daily basis as it can dramatically reduce the total of amount of loads you will have to perform, saving you both time and energy costs.

Washing Cycles and Options:

There are a total of 14 washing cycles you are able to choose from within this Whirlpool Washer. With this many cycles you will be able to enjoy the precision that only a high-end washer can provide you. No matter what type of laundry you have to wash, you will be able to carefully tend to them without damaging sensitive fabrics.

You will be able to enjoy a total of five different temperature selections as well as the ability to choose between different soil levels.

The most impressive feature within this Whirlpool Washer is the 6th Sense Technology System. This unique system measures the size of each load, and then determines the total amount of water that needs to be used. Through the use of several sensors, this machine will then slowly warm the water to your desired temperature to ensure the upmost in fabric care. The sensors also work to prevent any type of oversudsing to occur, which is very common among low-water washers. You will also be able to enjoy automatic detergent/bleach dispensing through the Direct Inject System, which injects these ingredients into your washer at precise moments for optimum cleaning.

Exterior and Control Panel:

The exterior design of this Whirlpool Washing Machine is beautifully design with a smooth surface that is highlighted by an oversized washing door, which allows easy access to the interior of the washer.

The control panel features numerous buttons and a dial that will help you easily select the appropriate cycle and washing option. There is even a monitor that will show how much longer the washing process will take.



Updated: June 24, 2020 — 10:29 am

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