Tips for Cleaning Behind the Fridge

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If the coils behind your refrigerator are loaded with dirt or you have rotting food stuck behind the fridge, you might notice an unpleasant smell as soon as you walk near the refrigerator. When I’m doing a thorough kitchen clean, I make sure to pull out the refrigerator and clean behind and under the appliance. Dust, dirt, mold and build-up can create refrigerator problems and also leave behind a strong odor. You’ll need to clean behind the fridge at least once per month to keep the area as germ-free and dust-free as possible.

Use these tips when cleaning behind the fridge:

1. Pull the refrigerator out gently and unplug the appliance. You will need to make as much space as possible behind the fridge so that you can get right into the space and clean or disinfect it thoroughly Put on some kitchen gloves and pull the sides of the refrigerator forward until it rolls out. You can unplug the refrigerator temporarily during the cleaning process.

2. Clean the unit with a kitchen cleaning solution. Wipe down the back and sides of the refrigerator using a cleaning solution. Any dirt and dust that has built up on the refrigerator will fall to the kitchen floor behind and around the unit.

3. Sweep away dust with a small broom. Get rid of dust, food crumbs and debris behind the fridge using a long-handled broom. Also sweep the refrigerator coils gently to get rid of any dust bunnies and buildup trapped between the coils. Make sure to sweep in the area that the fridge usually sits on.

4. Spray the area with a cleaning solution. If you want to clean the floors, cabinets and wall behind the fridge thoroughly, spray the entire area with a cleaning solution or a disinfectant spray. This will “cleanse” the area and help to break down any mold or toxic waste that has built up behind the fridge.

5. Mop up the dirt. Use a long-handled mop with a small head to scrub the area behind the fridge clean. You can use a kitchen floor cleaning solution to mop up the floor space under and around the refrigerator, and water mixed with a cleaning solution for the cabinets and walls.

6. Wipe down the clean areas with a dry washcloth. Remove any leftover cleaning solution using a dry washcloth and then let the area air dry for about fifteen to twenty minutes. You can plug the refrigerator back in if you had unplugged it previously.

7. Put the refrigerator back into place. Gently push the refrigerator back into its kitchen cavity.

Cleaning behind the fridge isn’t the most pleasant activity, but is one of those cleaning chores that needs to get done at least once per month or once every season.

Updated: November 17, 2020 — 7:05 am

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