Nu-Wave Oven and the George Forman Grill Qualify as Green?

In our attempt to become “Green” today, I have found that we look over a lot of obvious answers to the dilemma. Some of these are often right in front of our faces and even though, advertisers with years of experience are pitching them at us, we still pass by the television sets with our late night snacks or Sunday morning munches, completely missing the message.

The message we are missing is that some of these things we see on the television actually work to save the planet and can save you quite a lot of money and time.

In among all the slick sales pitches and goofy testimonials there is one connecting fiber they work.

For instance:

The Nu-Wave Oven: 

A friend of mine purchased this after I had noticed it on the tube many times. My friend didn’t beat me at much but he did on this thing. This really worked, he was not the kind of guy known for his cooking ability but once he got this thing he was incredible. The food, even vegetables were so juicy and flavorful that it was worth it just for the taste alone. Knowing it was better for you health wise was just a plus.

Being an avid fisherman and carnivore, he prepared meal after meal, alone in his small apartment that looked like he had studied as a chef. The food was always perfect and looked great as well.

The George Foreman Grill:

This is one I thought I would try simply from the infomercial and by the fact that I trust George. This was also a surprise and I was totally pleased before I understood the real truth about both products.

The fact is that every time you cut on your oven, the first 15 minutes or so it operates only to heat air. Air inside the oven that leaves as soon as you open the door to put something in, then the heating process starts anew, all along costing you cash on your gas or electricity bill. Since most times we cook are for small meals of one or two people, this cost savings could leave you with paying a small fraction of your previous bill for cooking and lighting your overall electric and gas bill substantially.

Also, both of these products cut fat and are a great choice for a healthier life. As well as offer quick easy clean up, saving water and not polluting our dumpsites with toxic oven cleaner rags or polluting our water and bodies with the unhealthy effects. That’s ‘Green” all the way around.

Sometimes, you can really learn something from television, take my word this is one of them.

Updated: January 3, 2020 — 1:20 pm

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