Maytag 5800 Electric Oven Review

Does This Electric Oven Provide You with the Quality You Are Looking For?

The oven I have in house was purchased 20 years back. With only the top element being in working condition, I found there was no use in repairing the oven again. It was high time that I decided to buy a new one. Buying a new oven requires lots of things to be looked into. And since this was the first time I was going to do the purchase, I had totally no knowledge on this matter. The only thing I wanted was that the oven had to fit in the space where the current oven was placed, that is, in the wall of kitchen. I was also looking for an oven with self-cleaning feature. Finally, I decided in favor of the Maytag 5800 Electric Oven.

I spent time going around different shops to look at various brands of ovens. But, I found it very difficult to get an oven of my required size. It was then that I came across Maytag. I was surprised to see a lot of different sizes of ovens offered by Maytag. Maytag also offers a combination of microwave and an oven. I had a look at everything, and finally decided to purchase the Maytag 5800 Electric Oven. The Maytag 5800 Electric Oven was available in two colors: black and white. I chose the black one, since I liked it. Moreover, a black oven would not be that hard to clean compared to its white peer.


The Maytag 5800 Electric Oven has excellent features. The oven is user-friendly, one can learn to use it in no time. The Maytag 5800 Electric Oven has a cooking timer. You need to set the temperature, and the amount of time required to cook, and the oven turns off automatically, once the time is over. Setting the temperature is also very easy. The temperature on the top of the oven can be digitally incremented, and decremented by 5 degrees. The lower oven has a dial to control the temperature.

The Maytag 5800 Electric Oven is also provided with a clock. But the problem with the clock is that it needs to be reset every time the power is turned off. Unlike my previous oven, Maytag 5800 Electric Oven did not emit much heat which helped in my keeping the kitchen cooler than before. Even when I had set it to a high temperature, the outer surface of the Maytag 5800 Electric Oven was never hot too to touch. I just loved this!

I tried using the self-cleaning feature of the Maytag 5800 Electric Oven. It did take a considerable amount of time. The cleaning was excellent, though. There was no single stain left. I just had to do a final touch up. One bad thing about the self-cleaning feature was that it left an unpleasant smell.

I have been using this Maytag 5800 Electric Oven without any problems for years. I am happy with it. Today, if anybody asks me for a suggestion in selecting an oven, I will definitely recommend the Maytag 5800 Electric Oven.

Updated: January 3, 2020 — 1:19 pm

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