GE Profile Double Microwave Convection Wall Oven Review

I Review This Unique Double Wall Oven from the GE Profile Product Line

It’s true that all of our lives are becoming busier and more hectic. With the increase in daily tasks, and not an increase in daily hours, there are many reasons why families decide not to cook at home. However, did you know that there is an appliance out there that can streamline your cooking time, allowing you to cook more at once, thus saving you precious time? The GE Profile Double Microwave/Convection Wall Oven, Model: PT970WM has been designed to not only provide you with the best possible cooking power, but also, allow you to spend less time in the kitchen, and more time with your family.

Main Product Features:


The first feature within this double wall oven is the PreciseAir Convection System. This feature is one of the most popular features out of any wall oven, and with good reason. Within this system, which is located in the lower oven only, you will be able to enjoy faster roasting times (research says 25% quicker than with standard thermal ovens), as well as even heat circulation throughout your entire oven. This will allow your foods to have a consistent outcome every time you use your oven.

The lower oven provides you with an extra-large capacity, allowing you to cook more foods at once. This is a great feature to have especially when you have to cook a lot of food for family gatherings or parties with your friends. You are able to accurately control your oven through the electronic oven controls that are located on the side of the upper microwave. These controls have been designed to provide you with the easiest possible way to choose your cooking options.

Within the upper oven, you will find your not-so-traditional microwave oven. This upper compartment features 1.6 cubic feet of cooking space, allowing you to prepare small-to-medium sized dishes. The control panel for this microwave oven has also been appropriately designed to allow you maximum ease when choosing your cooking times and methods. Because of this, I have found this double wall oven to be one of the best because GE has integrated ultimate user-friendliness along with ultimate cooking power. Just because you have a multitude of features doesn’t mean that the control panel has to be confusing. Consumers will definitely enjoy the fact that they will not have to open an owner’s manual to operate this machine.

Product Price:

Consumers can purchase this GE Profile Double Wall Oven for an average price of $2,000.

Updated: January 3, 2020 — 1:56 pm

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