GE Double Electric / Convection Wall Oven Review, Model: JKP86

I Review This GE Convection Wall Oven for Potential Buyers

For those who enjoy cooking for all occasions, you are most likely very close to your oven. However, if you are looking to enhance your kitchen by purchasing new appliances, or if your looking to replace a broken oven, you literally have thousands of options to choose from. While it is true that you can choose from a wide variety of standard, under-the-counter oven, there are numerous wall ovens that will not only provide you with an increase of kitchen productivity, but also, it will give your kitchen a futuristic and sophisticated appeal. The GE Double Electric Convection Wall Oven, Model: JKP86 has all of the features you will need to not only create wonderful meals, but also streamline the time it will take you to prepare these meals.

Main Product Features:

The first feature within this GE double wall oven that consumers will find exciting is how your foods are going to be prepared. While most double wall ovens only feature the traditional thermal cooking method, this wall oven gives you the massive benefits of having convection cooking.

Within the upper oven, you will find the convection cooking feature. The PreciseAir Convection System is one of the most unique cooking systems within the oven industry, and the end-results from using this type of method will blow your mind. Basically, with the PreciseAir Convection System, your foods will be surrounded by warm, circulating air. The circulation of air is provided by a fan that is located in the rear of the upper oven. When turned on, the fan will circulate heated air throughout your oven, which will give your foods an even cooking temperature. The best part about this type of feature is the fact that your foods will have a consistent cooking outcome. If you bake cookies, but are tired of having an oven that will overcook some of your cookies and then leave the rest perfect, you will definitely enjoy this feature.

Another great feature that is associated within this double oven, are the hidden baking elements. In a traditional oven, there are baking elements located on the bottom of your oven. These elements are not only a pain to clean, but they can also dramatically increase the heat on the lower-level rack. Within this double oven, you will be able to easily clean the interior of the oven because these heating elements have been placed under the floor of the oven.

Product Price:

Consumers who are interested in this GE Double Wall Oven will be able to purchase this product for an average price of just under $2,000. This is a great price for such a high-quality oven.

Updated: January 3, 2020 — 1:21 pm

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