About Us

What is No Fuss Reviews?

It’s really frustrating having to navigate through endless pages of adverts; click this, buy that, read this and signup for that. Sometimes you just want to know if a product is good or bad so you know whether to invest your time looking further into for the product.

We simply provide a score out of 10 for a product, no fuss, no adverts and no high volume flash full screen adverts – just a number.

If you want to know more about a product we also collect all the news, videos and full reviews from other sites from around the Internet that are trusted and of high quality. So all you need do is find the product in our database to see all the important articles around it.

Being a not-for-profit website also ensures that we are truly impartial as we are not tied to any other company or organization and also not required to undertake any advertising or promotional campaigns.

No Fuss Reviews is the paramount site of the No Fuss Reviews Network, a collection of not-for-profit websites.

If you would like to get No Fuss Reviews on the move, you can either visit our site with your mobile or find our app on the Android store.